EHS System

The job responsibility of EHS vice president under the leadership of the general manager is adopted for EHS system in the company. And the EHS vice president is also representative of supervising EHS system.

The job responsibility of EHS vice president is to organize and perform the company policy, goal and index about EHS, to make sure that EHS management system is established, kept and improved as per standards of GB/T24001 and GB/T28001.

The company has a separate EHS department, which is responsible for preparation, implement, completion and assessment of target, index and management protocol. Its responsibility also extends to assessment and control of major hazards and significant environmental factors, monitoring of harmful factors in the workplace, approval of special operations, examinations of employee’s career health, Dynamic management of Labor insurance supplies.

Since 2009, EHS management system has been established and carried forward. And the qualification certificates for GB/T24001 and GB/T28001 were acquired at the same year. The company passed the environmental inspection by Zhejiang provincial environment protection bureau in 2010, 2012 and 2014 Successively.

Employee in the company should strictly abide by laws and regulations of environment protection and occupational health, make the idea of environment protection and career health insurance run through daily management activities. Manage to control environmental pollution from head sources, save energy and reduce emissions, decrease energy consumption and conduct clean production, and realize production and operation activities’ harmonious coexistence with natural environment. Take effective measures to control hazards, eliminate and reduce security risks. Strengthen labour protection, improve working conditions, prevent occupational diseases and improve the health level of occupational health.

The company takes environmental protection, health and safety as its own responsibilities. With over RMB 3 billion invested, there has been built biological denitrification and PW membrane separation system of domestic advanced level for activated sludge and waste water disposal. Make sure discharge of waste water and waste gas meet the standards by using systems of three stages of condensation, caustic solution spraying and absorption, and photocatalitic oxidation. An agreement about disposal of hazardous waste was signed and the disposal rate could approach 100%.