Campus Recruitment


We will hold the teach-ins in the campus, where the general situation of our company, enterprise culture, talent concept and recruitment policies would be described in details. You are sincerely welcomed to our campus tech-ins.

2.Ways to deliver resume:

There are two ways to deliver your resume as below:

① You could deliver your resume to the on-site staff during teach-ins.

② You could send your resume as attachments via email to ,And the title of the email or attachments must be named with your name and the job you want.


New graduates will be offered an interview after teach-ins. And the detailed arrangement would be issued by on-site staff. For an interview, please bring your personal detailed resume, ID card, school reports with the stamp of academic office, English rank certificate, computer rank certificate or some documents which could be as strong proofs for your performance in the school.


We will inform the one passing the interview and sign the employment agreement. During signing, please bring the paper materials including the original copies of employment agreement, school reports, employment recommendation form and a copy of ID card.


New graduates will be offered a chance for internship in our company. And the detailed arrangement depends on the announcement issued by HR.

6.Check in:

The one who has signed the contract with our company needs to check the check-in announcement by visiting our official company's web site. And the special cases depend on the announcement issued by HR.